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Oil-drilling equipment

Drilling Rig БК-200Э

Drilling rig БК-200Э with load capacity of 200 tonnes designed for cluster drilling wells for oil and gas from conventional drilling to 3200m depth.

Design features:

- controlled drive of the main mechanisms;
- modular version of the train;
- built-in train cementing unit;
- A-mast adopted for top drive;
- thermal regime - 45°С+40°С.
- split-level rig’s train only 45 metres long.

Repair Parts and Units

  • Pumps УНБ-600А, УНБТ-950, spare parts.
  • Swivels УВ-250, УВ-320, spare parts.
  • Spare parts of pneumatic control.
  • Rotor Р-700, ready-assembled and spare parts.
  • Transmissions КПЦ-700, КПЗ-900Д, КПЗ-900Э.
  • Rotor’s transmission, drive shafts.
  • Crown blocks and hook block for drilling rigs ЗД-76, 4Э, 3000ЭУК.
  • Draw works ЛБУ-1200, ЛБУ-1200К, and spare parts: all types of brake disks and line shafts.


Equipment is manufactured in TMZ ltd. using advanced technology and international standards of quality control. In 2008, was put into operation workshop № 5, designed to produce 2000 tons of welded constructions a year.

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